Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Beauty of Choice

Hey Guys,

I definitely had a new lightbulb moment today, as such, here I am to write about it. (Also, in case you are wondering, the picture on the left was taken last December, and the one on the right was today)

Such small events can spark such large moments of realization. For the last few weeks, I have found myself feeling a little bit like I have been "missing out" on certain things. Mostly things like eating junk at girls nights, and not having to pay attention to every little thing that I eat. No, I'm not obsessive over it, I have just become conscious of what I use to fuel my body. I try to make sure that what I am eating is healthy and practical for my body needs in a day. Though, there have certainly been days where I haven't completely maintained this, and then there are days where I secretly wish I could jump off the bus for a day.

Today I went winter jacket shopping; something that has been a rather frustrating experience for me in the past, as I have always had to shop in the mens' section. I used to pretend that I hated the girls' jackets anyway, because then I wouldn't feel the full force of the embarrassment that was waiting to smack me across the face. A few weeks ago I realized that my winter jacket would likely no longer fit, so I tried it on, and it was huge on me. I realized that it was definitely due time to get a new one, which was exciting, but still made me shudder a little bit. Well, I walked in there today, went straight to the ladies section, and tried on the first jacket that caught my eye. It fit. Then I tried on another, and another, and another... they all fit! In fact, I had my pick of any one of the womens' coats; it was my CHOICE! I feel like I chose wisely, I love my new winter coat. In fact, it's a size ladies medium! Yes, that just happened.

So here's the thing - I may sacrifice a few things from time to time, but those are things that would hold me back from even greater things! Today I got to feel what it was like to have a choice, which is something I haven't often experienced when shopping in my past. I'm not saying that I will be flawless from here on out, I'm just saying that I caught a really great glimpse of what it's like to feel amazing! It inspires me to keep going on this journey. No crash diets, just exercise, and a conscious mind.

I love choice!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


-Kimmy G

Monday, September 19, 2011

Stress and Exercise Are Friends!

This won't be a long post, as it is really only a simple observation.

I will not say that I am at the peak of stress by any means, but I have certainly been feeling slightly more uneasy than usual lately due to a few English tests in my near future. Of course, in true Kimmy G style, I have allowed myself to over think these next few days and have, as a result, wound myself up into a nice little knot. What I needed was some perspective, I found it at the gym.

What's more therapeutic than hurling your body over a wooden wall as many times as you can in a minute? (I can do 7-8 now!)

Probably lots of things... but none quite as ridiculous. It just so happens that I am a fan of ridiculous. As I allowed myself to really get into the workout tonight, I found the stress of what's going on right now slowly melting away. This makes me happy, I feel like school and crossfit will be perfect for each other. It's nice to have a healthy stress melter, beats eating an entire pail of ice cream! Okay, maybe the ice cream would be more enjoyable in the moment, but no one can deny that the rewards of exercising are plentiful and great!

So, is there a moral to all of this? Sure, if you want one! When life has you tense, stressed, angry, or in a pent-up-ball-of-emotion state... do something about it. Get out there, and get active!


-Kimmy G

Sunday, September 11, 2011

For those wonderful moments of "I can!"

Yesterday was awesome.

I competed in the Bridge City Beat Down at my gym, and now that I'm awake and coherent again (trust me, it took a while... a solid 8 hour sleep interrupted a few times by the need to change position - dictated by my screaming muscles, followed by an extensive nap on the couch during the Rider game) I thought I would write a short post about this weekend.

I went into this weekend with really low expectations, my goal was to celebrate where I am in life now, and enjoy wherever that took me. I was pumped to wind up 23rd out of 51 girls in my division. No matter where I placed though, the fact is that I did it. I held my own. Sure, my butt got dragged over what felt like, or, what must have been hot coals in that final workout, I was happy that I didn't quit. I can say without a doubt that I left everything I had in those workouts yesterday. So, I'm obviously pumped about where I placed, but even if that were not the case, I would still be so incredibly happy.

For me, this weekend was a milestone. An exciting way of looking back and celebrating what I am able to do now. As I was driving home yesterday, I had to laugh a little to myself. I found myself thinking, what if I could tell myself a year ago that I would be competing in a CrossFit competition on September 10th, 2011? I think I would have had a heart attack. Yet, there I was. Life is surprising and funny sometimes.

Anyway, I hope everybody that competed yesterday got to experience their own wonderful moments of "I can". It was awesome Synergy, you guys are all amazing people.


-Kimmy G

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Says who?

What would life be without stepping out of the box a little bit lot a bit?

Many of us spend our lives being afraid to try new things because we're scared of what others may think. We feel this inherent need to protect ourselves by blending in. If I really thought hard about it, I could likely come up with many different scenarios in my life where this has been my story.

At least, it was my story until a few months ago when I realized that a limit is only something I have imposed on myself. It's amazing what I used to let my inner bully thoughts get away with. To borrow from Oprah, my "aha" moment happened this summer when I joined my gym's dragon boat team. I was totally insecure about it, and often thought that somebody else should have been sitting in my seat. I worried that I wasn't strong enough, or that I didn't have enough endurance. I was pleased to find that none of this was the case, and I held my own.

I used to think that I couldn't. Period. Couldn't what? Couldn't do anything that involved anything physical.

You know what?

Says WHO?

If I am the only one holding me back, then I have an exciting road ahead of me. This weekend I am competing in a CrossFit competition. I signed up without giving the reality of the situation my full attention, and I'm so glad I did. Regardless of where I place, if I finish, I have won a great battle. Every day I get to experience a little bit more of that victory.

Dear Saturday: Bring it on. I'm so ready for you.


-Kimmy G