Monday, November 14, 2011

Never Say Never

Yes, Beiber does sing this. I may or may not love it. Perhaps you’ll understand why after reading this post.

Now that we have that little detail out of the way, let’s move on, shall we?

How often do we see something amazing, long for it, yet tell ourselves “that’ll never happen for me.”
Answer? Probably way more than we’d like to admit.

This is something I am immensely guilty of, and if we are all to be honest, I think we all are. I frequently find myself admiring other people, and rarely do I stop to consider that what I admire in them may be something I could one day possess as well. This obviously isn’t true for absolutely everything in life, but for a lot of things it certainly is. Hard work will go a long way. Wishing will get you nowhere, action will get you everywhere. Stop saying never, and start saying someday. Even more than that, start working towards it. You can do it! There is nothing about you that makes you any less capable of greatness than anyone else, it’s all in what you allow yourself to believe. If you let yourself believe in never, you’ll hit the nail on the head every time.

During my fast track at CrossFit (my first three sessions), I curiously asked how many girls could actually do pull-ups, and I was directed to look at a white board which was full of names. This left me in awe, and thinking immediately (after having just put out a brutal attempt at doing pull-ups with a lot of banding) that I would never make it to that place. Yet, I wanted it. I wanted it a great deal. It took me forever during the workouts to even progress to the bar, I did ring rows as a substitute every workout until July, which was when finally something switched in my brain. I knew that if I wanted to get there, I had to trust myself, and I had to let myself believe in someday. Once that mentality changed, I began to experience progress. A couple of weeks ago, I got my first non-banded kipping pull-up. I almost cried. I stopped believing in never, and began to believe in someday. Today is someday. In fact, my personal record is currently sitting at 7 pull-ups. Someday is a glorious thing, because if you keep believing in it and working for it, one day it will leave you in shock by showing up when you’d least expect it.

Do yourself a favor, start believing and seeking after your someday. Then, amaze yourself. :)


-Kimmy G