Friday, February 24, 2012

The CrossFit Open - My Thoughts

You are you.

... This is the part where you say 'duh...'

However, today I am finding this thought to be quite revolutionary. I am me. I am not the person ripping out five muscle-ups in a row and I'm not the person throwing down handstand pushups... but I might just be the person banging out 10 pull-ups. You see, I may not have everything but I do have what I am now capable of.

I could choose to dwell on the skills others have and I don't, or I could choose to focus on the amazing and exciting things I can do now that I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams a year ago. I am me. That's kind of awesome. The neat part about being me? It doesn't mean I will never get a muscle-up or a HSPU, it just means I get to enjoy the journey toward achieving those things and I get to be thrilled with each step I take that gets me closer. Awesome.

Here's the important thing to remember about being yourself, be the best YOU possible. Don't try to be somebody else or to live up to their standards. When you're in a hard workout and it seems everybody around you has lapped you multiple times, put it out of your head. Focus on you. Try and beat your personal best and celebrate that victory. If you're competing against everybody else in your mind you may become discouraged, if you compete to beat your own personal best... there's nowhere to go but up.

So, rather than comparing yourself to others, encourage them; just as importantly, believe in yourself as others encourage you.

Initially, entering the CrossFit Open scared me, now I am excited. Why? Because just being in this competition is a record for me regardless of what happens. I will fight my hardest in every workout, I will be the best version of me and I will be darn proud of it.

You are you... how awesome is that?

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Phoenix

In mythology, the phoenix is known as the bird that rises fourth from its own ashes to fly again stronger and more full of life than before. Yes, the Phoenix may have to collapse to ashes in order for this transformation, but the focus is not on the ashes so much as the phoenix brilliantly soaring fourth from them.

Be the phoenix.

Don’t spend your life in a less than healthy or happy state because you are afraid of the ashes, embrace them, allow yourself to be transformed. Don’t steer away from hard situations or workouts because you’re afraid, embrace them, these challenges will enable you to soar.

I think there is a little phoenix in all of us, the question remains, are we willing to embrace the fire?


-Kimmy G