Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No Excuses

Stop scaling, dangit!

This is what I am telling myself right now. Starting out in CrossFit, there are tons of movements and elements which are crazy intimidating but the great part is, with any CrossFit element, there are stepping stones to getting there; we call them different scalings. For instance, when working toward getting pull-ups, a person may start by doing ring-rows (like I did) where your heels are on the ground with your toes pointed up, then you tilt yourself back while holding onto the rings and pull yourself toward the rings. The next scaling may be to move to the pull-up bar with big elastic bands on your feet (which are also attached to the bar) to give you extra oomph to get your chin over the bar. As time progresses, you use smaller and smaller bands and one day – voila! A real, for serious, no joking pull-up!

Now, obviously there are movements I still have to scale to a large degree but I need to stop scaling the ones I can already do. I’ve been so scared to finally throw the bands out of the window for pull-ups in a workout even though I know I am capable! Sure, saying goodbye to the bands may add extra time to my workout but I’m never going to get there if I don’t allow myself! Yes, there may be workouts where bands are still necessary (dead hang pull-ups/workouts with time caps) but otherwise, I think it’s time to graduate!

Recently, beyond pull-ups, I realized I scale a lot of things that just aren’t necessary anymore, like weights for instance. I can do any weight thrown up on that board, I just need to tell myself to stop whining and do it already! Obviously within safe parameters, and depending on how I’m feeling each day. I guess the point is, I need to stop making things easier out of fear… it’s time to boldly accept new challenges.

So, all that being said, what's my new goal? Where possible, no more scaling! This is scary to put out there because I’ll have to live up to it but I’m ready for the challenge. A year ago (right before I started CrossFit) I got a tattoo on my foot that says “Rise Above,” this phrase means so many different things to me. It’s a constant reminder of some wonderful people I know who have risen above incredible challenges as well as a reminder to keep pushing myself forward; time to rise above my old successes and make some new ones! How exciting!

I guess if there’s anything to glean from this, it might be as simple as “don’t sell yourself short.” If you know you can do it, don’t stop yourself! Keep reaching, keep climbing, and remember to enjoy those awesome moments of success in between!


-Kimmy G

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Never Choose the Path of Least Resistance

... and so the CrossFit Open draws to a close.

When it began I thought to myself that 5 weeks is a really long time, now it's over. I'm going to miss it. I started to really enjoy my routine of eagerly anticipating the Wednesday WOD release, trying it out on Thursday, and throwing everything I have into it with our gym community on Sunday... then a couple days of rest before repeating the cycle. It was wonderful. I think I'm going to feel a little aimless without it this week!

Am I happy? Absolutely. My goal was to stay in the middle of the pack and I think I did that, if not, I was really close. Regardless, I pulled off some things in this open that I didn't think were possible for me. As such, I am more than satisfied! More than anything, I'm feeling inspired. If I can already do some of the things the open challenged me with, imagine what I'll be able to do in one more year. It's exciting to think about! Especially watching some of the other athletes this year and hearing their stories and successes over doing the open a year ago, I'm pumped... let's do this thing!

So what have I learned from this? Probably a lot more than I even realize right at this moment. Though, definitely, I've learned once again not to take the path of least resistance. Sometimes rising to a challenge can be the most exciting and epic thing even if it's intimidating at first.

I'm feeling ready for it... whatever it is...

Hard work, and dedication - here we go!!


-Kimmy G

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why do I love CrossFit?

For those who have never tried CrossFit, it's hard to understand what could be so great about dwelling in a place with rubber floors, tossing huge weight around, cardio-ing yourself into insanity and coming back for more.

So what do I love about CrossFit?

I love the person it makes me. It makes me better.

CrossFit teaches me the importance of community. I am supported and encouraged, I am pushed to reach the fullness of my capabilities. I am challenged to reach for those things I want and I am coached as I work for them. Just the same, I am able to use my voice to encourage others in the same way. Community matters, without each other our growth would be much slower. We spur each other on.

CrossFit teaches me dedication. Nothing in the gym is particularly easy to grasp on the first try, it takes persistence to reach goals. To be successful, a person must dedicate themselves to the sport; even in the hard times it's important to remain focused. This isn't to say I'm perfect, I definitely have days where I feel frustrated... but the important part is to come back, refocus, and keep persevering. Dedication brings up little (and big) moments of excellence.

CrossFit teaches me integrity. I can only achieve what I am capable of, honesty is important. Further than that, whatever I am capable of I need to be proud of... it's more than I could do a year ago. Way more.

Lastly, CrossFit helps me to find dreams I never knew I had. It makes me believe in the "I can" and the "I will" rather than the "never." I keep having these little moments where something will come up and I'll default to my old way of thinking forgetting who I am now. Forgetting that I'm so much more in shape and so much stronger. Running has been my nemesis for as long as I can remember, so you know what? I just signed up to run a 5K in June. Dear self doubt: take that.

Why do I love CrossFit? ... because it changed me. For good. Also, that it continues to change me, there's so much room for growth. Love. Love. LOVE.


-Kimmy G