Friday, April 20, 2012

On the verge of summer...

And I can't wait.

I'll be writing my last final on Monday and then sweet freedom is mine... with the minor exception of a spring class in June and work but those hardly count.

What's on my mind?

Well, I've been thinking back to how awesome last summer was with CrossFit and how going to the gym made my summer one of the best summers ever. Those memories alone make me SO excited for this summer but it's even more than that. This summer I will actually wear SHORTS, not something I've ever really done since I was a kid, unless you count shorts that go all the way to the knee. I used to be incredibly self conscious about my legs. I still am a little bit, but nowhere near what I used to be. In fact, I have challenged myself to wear shorts and wear them with pride this summer. Forget what anybody else thinks that doesn't know me, I know what I've done, and I am going to show it!

What else? Oh yeah, this summer I am also going to wear TANK TOPS on a regular basis and be comfortable in them. I used to wear them, but I never liked it... I wore them out of necessity. This year I will wear them because it's fun.

There are so many exciting things I will get to enjoy this summer, like going to a pool and not constantly wondering how I look... because you know what, who cares? Not me. I will put myself out there proudly knowing I worked for what I have. I choose happiness. I may not be perfection, but who is? I am perseverance, and that's worth showing a little too, I think. :)

Dear girls: don't worry about showing your perfection this summer, show your perseverance! What have you worked for? Show it off and be proud of it! You earned it!

Indeed, this summer I will have a ton of fun with what I wear, I will have a blast at the gym, and I will enjoy the hot summer sunshine!

Happy almost summer, everyone!


-Kimmy G

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

When words just won't do...


As of today, it has officially been one year since I joined Crossfit. I am so full of gratitude, so full of pride, and so full of joy.

If you dream hard enough, believe passionately enough, and dedicate yourself wholeheartedly enough- you can do ANYTHING. This, I am learning.

Start believing. You can!


-Kimmy G