Saturday, September 29, 2012

Back To Basics: The Snatch

Alright, let's begin by getting all our giggles out about the snatch... 

You see, lately I've been having issues with my snatch hehehe. In the crossfit open I was able to get the 100 pound snatch numerous times but I power snatched it every time. I wasted so much energy pulling that weight up rather than dropping under it. Not only that, I've wasted so much time getting stronger with the power snatch and not nearly enough learning how to get under the bar. Currently I can power snatch 20lbs more than I can full snatch. This is a problem I need to work on reversing; heck, I'd even be pumped to get them close!

As I get more and more comfortable with the power snatch, the less it seems I want to work on the full snatch. In competition and in group class I know I can put big numbers up if I just power snatch rather than work on the full snatch. Plus, it's easier for me. Herein lies the problem; I am not going to get better or be able to lift more if I don't kick my butt back to the basics and work my way back up. For the last couple of months I have been spending every opportunity in class to work on the full snatch rather than the power, and though the progress is slow, I finally feel like I am getting somewhere. 

It's also helpful that the coaches are really starting to notice if I power snatch instead of full snatch - they'll call me out on a no rep even if I've successfully power snatched. I appreciate this so much. It can be frustrating but it makes me better. It forces me to work on my weaknesses and that will make me stronger. Yesterday's class was such a breath of fresh air - it only had about a million and sixty two snatches. Chad watched as we all were lifting and came around giving helpful tips. I learned that I need to work on my separation from the bar between the hang and my hips. Though I only worked up to 80lbs for doubles yesterday, I felt great about them. My technique is getting there! It's not perfect but with every lift I can feel myself improving. I'm catching the load lower and it's going overhead easier; I feel steadier. Initially shifting the weight down so much to work on the full snatch was a blow to the ego, it sucks to go from 115lbs to 75-95lbs but it's so worth it. I am developing the skills I need to be a better crossfitter rather than putting huge numbers on the board. I think those numbers will come, but for now, it's time to work at it.

So I guess I have just learned that it's totally okay to go back to the basics. Everybody has to do it sometimes and there's no shame in it. If going back to the basics will make you better, don't question it, just do it!


-Kimmy G

Sunday, September 9, 2012

My Beat Down "Take Aways"

First of all, as I write this, you should know I am laying in bed in my pajamas drinking coffee. Who loves the day after competition? This kid! Oh yeah! Haha, why did you need to know that? I don't know, it just seemed valid to mention.

Anyway, on with the actual reason for this post...

Yesterday was Synergy's annual Bridge City Beat Down so as expected, here I am to write about it!

This year, the BCBD was held at the old soccer center in order to house the 200 competing athletes and even more screaming (and cow belling) fans - yes, the largest CrossFit competition in Canada, and I was able to compete in it. How cool is that?

For some strange reason I was more nervous about this competition than any competition ever before - perhaps it was because my category was so huge? The female "Brute" division (div 2) was made up of over 70 athletes. Never before have I competed on such a large scale and against so many incredible athletes from all over the place. Also, going into this competition, I knew these workouts were not tailored to my strengths and that also made me nervous. I went into the Beat Down with a top 10 goal because I feel it's always important to have a goal. I like to set my goals really high because it gives me something to fight for.

Here's how the day shook down for me:

WOD 1 (Workout of the day) was a 5 rep max clean. This was the WOD I felt most comfortable with but also the one that made me most nervous. We were given 4 minutes to successfully get a 5 rep max completed. In order for it to be considered a true 5 rep max, all five lifts had to take place within 35 seconds of each other. If you failed or succeeded you could add or drop weight and try again (within the original 4 minute time frame). I came out and successfully lifted 135 pounds, and I was happy with that. I tried for 141 pounds after but due to the lack of recovery time, I just couldn't make it happen. In retrospect I think I probably could have started with the 141 and lifted it successfully but it's hard to know that until you're in the moment. I am happy with how I did in this WOD. I took 8th place of 72 girls in this one.

WOD 2 was a burner involving 8 115 pound deadlifts, 12 leg raises (on a bar), and 50 meter sprints for a total of 3 rounds (for time). This workout had a 4 minute time cap. I was comfortable with the sprints and the deadlifts, but I knew the other girls would make up time on me during the leg raises. Not that I am slow but my legs are definitely a little slower moving than some others. I was hoping to make up some time on the others during the deadlifts but unfortunately they were pretty light and most girls seemed to breeze through them. Regardless of this, I did my absolute best and finished that workout in 3:08 putting me right in the middle of the pack for WOD 2 and landing me in 24th place overall.

WOD 3 was a puke-machine of a workout... a 13 minute chipper. 30 ring rows, 30 jumping squats, 30 shoulder to overhead (with 20 pound dumbbells), 30 burpees, 30 dumbbell snatches (same weight), 20 burpees, 20 shoulder to overhead, 20 jumping squats, 20 ring rows. The time cap was 13 minutes so the idea was to get as far as possible in this one or to complete it. I was 8 reps away from completing it when the buzzer went. Many girls finished this workout and many didn't, so again, I was right in the middle. I did my absolute best in this one and didn't stop moving so in that aspect, I reached a goal of mine.

I wound up placing 35th of 70+ girls in the end. Unfortunately, this really discouraged me for a little while and I had to put myself into the locker room for some thinking time to get my head on straight. I had to remind myself that these WODs did not play to my strengths. I had to remind myself that where I placed changes nothing at the end of the day - I am still who I am, and I have still come as far as I have. The only thing that changed is my desire to work even harder. I will. I'm going to let this competition sharpen me, I'm going to let it push me, and I am going to let it fuel my fire for next time.

Beyond placings and all that jazz, a huge shout out goes out to Synergy for putting on such a top notch event. an event with 200 athletes has huge potential to go awry but you guys kept it ticking like a well oiled machine. Everything ran on time and smoothly, the judging was great and the score keeping was totally on the ball all day. Everything about the day was well thought out and completely top rate. Kudos you guys, I am definitely proud to be a part of such a rad gym. No question.

Also, shout outs to everybody in their first competition - you guys were awesome! Way to give your all! I look forward to working out with all of you guys at the gym again... let's sharpen each other and hit the next challenge head on!


-Kimmy G