Monday, January 21, 2013

FrostFit, 2013

Another one for the books, folks. And an awesome one it was.

FrostFit took place this past weekend in Winnipeg, myself and 20 other members from Synergy made the trip down to compete. What-a-rush!

My goal going into this weekend was the same as the Beat Down, I wanted to fight for the podium. That will always be my goal. However, more importantly, another goal I had was to leave absolutely everything I had in me out on the floor for each workout. I did that. I am so happy.

The day began with a clean ladder. The rules were simple; 45 seconds to lift the weight in front of you. With success, you advanced, with failure, you were eliminated. I managed to lift every single one of the 10 bars, weighing 65#, 75#, 85#, 95#, 105#, 115#, 125#, 135#, 145#, and 150#. The best part? I had time left over after my final lift and my awesome judge told me to get some weight on the bar, so I tied my PR and lifted 155# to put me in third place of thirty-four girls in my category for WOD 1. I was elated! I still am. This was a super fun workout! Not to mention, the energy in the gym was already NUTS and it wasn't even 10am!

Next came WOD 2... a memory that brings back acute pain. (You know, when it sucks... so good?) The following picture is the aftermath... the WAY aftermath, as a picture of anybody right after the workout would probably have made babies and young children cry. Yup, we were a little ruined, in the best way possible.

WOD 2 wasn't Fran and yet, it still produced the same results. WOD 2 was a couplet ladder, consisting of three 3 minute intervals with 30 seconds of rest in between (so basically, no rest). Station 1 was snatches and parellete shoot throughs (1 snatch, 1 shoot through, 2 snatch, 2 shoot throughs, and so forth). I managed six full rounds of snatches and shoot throughs. Station 2 was push-ups and pull-ups in the same increasing ladder fashion, I was pleased to successfully finish five rounds. Station 3, the final station, was thrusters and box jumps... at this point, I was completely done for but I kept going anyway, and managed to squeek out 5 rounds at the buzzer. As I recall this workout, I smile, because I know I truly left absolutely everything I had in that workout, and I am proud of it. After this WOD, I was sitting in fourth place overall.

WOD 3 seemed to approach obnoxiously quickly after WOD 2 had finished with us, yet, I was excited and ready. WOD 3 was broken into two separate events, five minutes of kettlebell jerks, and then five minutes to row 800m and get as many toes to bar as possible.

The kettlebell jerks were my strength for this portion of the workout, right as the 5 minute timer elapsed, I successfully completed my 60th kettlebell jerk on my right arm, making it 60 completed on each arm for a total of 120 reps in 5 minutes. After that, I was pretty toasted, but I gave the row all I had and got on the bar for 2 toes to bar by the time the clock ran out. I was pleased with this, as toes to bar are far from being my forte. It's all about fighting it out regardless, and I think that's the biggest thing I take away from this weekend - the ability to keep fighting even when everything inside is screaming stop! Gotta love it. After this workout, I was blissfully still sitting in fourth place overall. Why blissfully? Simply because this placement ensured me a place in the final WOD.

WOD 4 was a mystery for the day, all we knew was that if we made it, it would contain burpees. Our division was cut down to 16 girls from 34 for the final WOD and we were officially informed the workout would be a hand release suicide burpee ladder. Great, just what I always wanted. ;) All joking aside, I was pretty sick over the whole idea. I am NOT the queen of cardio. I can burpee, but I can't burpee as fast as most. I do have heart though, and I do have a desire to fight, and so I went into the WOD with my head held high, my passion on fire, and an amazing group of people behind me cheering me on. Quite unexpectedly, this WOD wound up being the highlight of the entire competition for me. I didn’t love it because it was my strongest event, and I sure didn’t love it because of how it made me feel… But I loved it because I could do it. I was terrified when they announced it, and ready to puke before my heat was called. As I took my place on the plate, my judge asked me what my goal was… I told him, quite simply, my goal was to keep going and fighting until he told me I was done. I honestly expected to be one of the first three out. I fought harder than I think I ever have in a WOD, and I wound up 7th of the 16 girls in the burpee WOD (this still makes my breath catch when I think about it, how awesome!), with 57 burpees in 5 minutes. When I finished, I went to the sidelines and looked at the playing field… I broke down and started bawling. Happy tears. It may have looked like I was sad or disappointed, but I was overwhelmed with the beautiful reality of what had just happened. I can do this. I am able. I am not who I used to be. I may not be the best, but as I sat and watched the next heat of burpees, I felt like I had won it all… And I have, in my own way.

After all was said and done, I wound up placed 5th of the 34 girls in my division. I am absolutely thrilled with this. Why? Because I had to fight out a painfully excellent 57 burpees to get there. I'm so proud of that.

This weekend would not have been even half as awesome without the incredible people I shared it with. You guys kept me laughing and smiling. We kept each other together in between the WODs and cheered for one another like there would be no tomorrow. I love you all. Thanks for the awesomeness.

Until next time. Keep it real.


-Kimmy G

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Goals

"All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible." - T.E. Lawrence

And so 2012 draws to a close. It feels like such a short time ago I wrote this post, celebrating an amazing year gone by and welcoming all the potential and promise of a new year. A new year which is already an old one, but a great one, nonetheless.

In reflection, 2012 was a year of many crazy dreams of mine coming true. What's a new year without a few goals being set? Then, also, what's a new year without reflecting on the past year to see how the goals played out? Just from a physical standpoint alone, reading over my blog, I'm rather pleased to see I set quite a few goals for myself, and even more pleased to see I accomplished many of them; of course, there are some I am still working on. I have a lot of favorite goal moments from 2012, so on that basis, I thought I would link a few moments from 2012 I am particularly fond of:

Embracing strength

The day I decided to stop scaling

The time I crossed the finish line (This one is probably my favorite, it still makes me a bit emotional when I recall the day)

Telling social norms to get lost

And of course, I always set goals for crossfit competitions. Here are the 2012 competitions I was involved in:


CrossFit Open

Regina Spring Fling

The Bridge City Beat Down

Then, certainly, beyond things at the gym, I have been lucky enough to begin reaching other life goals. Even though they aren't necessarily gym-related, I think my time at the gym has helped me a great deal in attaining them. This year, I am in the College of Education. Definitely a long-time dream of mine. However, maintaining a schedule of six classes, student teaching once a week, 25 hour work weeks, and making it to the gym 5x a week has been a bit insane. Oddly enough, sometimes I view the crazy as just another workout at the gym. As ridiculous as it sounds, it works. When I am in a hard workout, I know if I push through to the end, the buzzer will inevitably go, and I will have time to sit back and revel in the glory of a job well done. That's what I am doing right now. I worked my tail off for three months straight, and now I have taken the holidays to get my head screwed back on, and I am ready for another go at it. I love the perseverance I have learned from my time at the gym; it definitely transfers to many areas of my life. I look forward to another year at the U of S and getting another step closer to that dream career of mine.

As for gym goals? Well, last year at this time, my biggest goal was to get a dead hang pull-up; this is as far as I could get...

This year? Though my chin isn't over the bar in this particular picture, I got that dead hang pull-up... PLUS a 10 pound dumbbell. That's right. This year I got a weighted pull-up! (Oh, and a little more muscle on my back... it's the small things that bring joy. And folks, this makes me downright giddy! Thank-you, Synergy!)

So, does goal setting make a difference? I would say so. I have had one heck of a phenomenal year. With this momentum, I feel absolutely certain that 2013 will be a great year. I will keep dreaming, I will keep fighting, and I will remember to stop from time-to-time and celebrate the little things.

Thanks to all my friends and family out there; 2012 was wonderful with you in it, and I look forward to another year together. Love you all.

Happy New Year.


-Kimmy G