Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What Follows "I am..."

What follows I am is what you are

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend a Saturday with an all around lovely friend of mine, Terra. During our escapades, she mentioned a bit of advice she had heard and it has stuck in my head like glue ever since; I thought I would share it with all of you. The bit of advice is at the top of this blog post, what follows I am is what you are. So, essentially, when I say "I am _________ ," whatever I put in that blank is what I am, or what I will become. It's the power of the human mind.

Of course, this doesn't work in every situation. I can't realistically look at a skill that I do not yet possess and say out of nowhere "today, I am going to miraculously get my first muscle-up and run a 5K in under 15 minutes," however, I can say "today I am capable of doing my best, and I am going to put forth that effort," or, "I am going to keep working hard, and one day I am going to do a muscle up, and run a 5K at speeds I never would have imagined." By extension, if I am tired, and I say "I am tired..." guess what? I'll be tired. Adversely, if I flip it positively (while still being honest) to "I am going to find energy," my brain can tolerate that and the pursuit of energy becomes the goal rather than focusing on and becoming content with exhaustion.

Obviously, for those of you who know me, you'll know things like this inspire me. I'm highly interested in the human mind and motivation has recently become a subject I've been looking into and studying closely. I have noticed a trend in my life lately that things which I find challenging are the things I find most motivating, and most fulfilling. I am learning that complacency is not something I am comfortable with, and it's not something I intend to live in. So, I need to work a little bit on clearing out my mental space, and changing my "I am" statements to reflect a positive journey. Though I will reach places along the road where I feel inadequate, afraid, or defeated, I will keep my chin up, and I will remember who I am. Will you?

I am not perfect, but I am capable of greatness. So are you, do you believe it?

Start believing.


-Kimmy G