Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Second CrossFit Birthday: Remembering.

Hey All,

Well, as of April 3rd, it'll officially be my second CrossFit birthday. Since I know I have tons of things due this next week and will probably miss posting on the actual day, I thought I would do so today instead. As much as things have been crazy these past few weeks making getting to the gym extra difficult, I am still fully ready to celebrate my second CrossFit birthday; as soon as school settles down in a couple of weeks, I'll celebrate the only way I know how: with a bunch of awesome WODs!

As I completed my second attempt at Open workout 13.4 this morning, I sat back and smiled as I watched barbells flying and bodies swinging on bars. This place has become comfortable like a second home to me. It isn't the building so much as the people, we are a community. A really bright, obnoxious, supportive community. I began thinking about the greatest thing CrossFit has given me, and it took me a long time to finally decide on one. Ready for it? Joy. I'm finally happy; really, actually, no joking, happy. I'm no longer happy just because something made me laugh, I'm happy because I am content, and I am proud of myself. Yes, proud. That's the best gift ever.

This CrossFit journey has definitely been worth documenting. I love that two years have passed, and I am still working to maintain my progress. I love that my fitness is still just as important to me today as it was two years ago... even with school absorbing most of my time lately (which can be discouraging when trying to keep a certain standard at the gym), I find myself counting the days until I can get back into my regular routine. This is huge progress. I am happy to be there.

I am learning to embrace life, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The ugly may not always make me smile, but I now have the perseverance to put my head to the ground and get through it. Even the ugly will help me to grow and become a better person with stronger character.

I believe in myself more. I see something I think is crazy and ridiculous, and I sign my name on the dotted line. CrossFit has given me the courage to believe in possibilities, and to fight for what I want in my life. Last summer I ran my first 5K, and it was one of those incredible life moments. When I signed up, I wasn't sure if I could do it, but I made myself believe, and I did it anyway. This summer, I signed up for the Spartan Race in Edmonton... it's scary, but if there's anything I've learned from CrossFit, it's that a little bit of fear is good; just do it! You'll never succeed if you never try. Success feels so good.

Where is the future going to take me? Well, I don't know. I do know that I will continue to persevere in every area of my life, and I will continue to be thankful for the great change that has brought me to this place. As of this next Christmas I will be finished school, then I hope by this time next year I will be able to take the gym even more seriously. I'm making some goals, and we'll see what happens. All I know from all of this is if you want something bad enough, and are willing to fight for it hard enough, you're going to have one heck of a mountain top moment. Enjoy the view.

I know I sure am.

Here's to two amazing years with some of the most supportive and inspirational people I have ever met. I love you, Synergy.


-Kimmy G