Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Sweetest Goodbyes

Saying goodbye is hard.

During the final week in our old location (Synergy has moved to a much bigger and more fabulous location), as I saw everything moving out, I knew I should be excited. I was, but there was a part of me that had a heavy heart. Saying goodbye to a place so meaningful was a lot harder than I had expected.

Our old location was the place where I put in the work, and my life was forever changed. There are so many stories within those walls, so many challenges, so many victories, and countless moments of pride. As much as this blog post is a wholehearted welcome to our new amazing location, it's also a tribute and sweet goodbye to our old location.

So here it is... my goodbye :)

Tribute fact #1: Our old location was a place where I grew so much personally. It was also the first place I ever competed in a crossfit competition. I really started to find myself that day. When I think back to where crossfit really became something I knew was meant to remain a consistent part of my life, I come back to this day over and over. The community and overall well-wishing between athletes was something to be experienced, and this was the day I realized "I can." Those four walls saw the fight, the victories, and the renewed passion to go even harder.

Tribute fact #2: It was also the place where I was given the tools to become healthy, and lose the weight that had been restricting me for years. It was where I begin living a lifestyle to be proud of. It was a place I loved to visit, because it made me better. Every single day.

Tribute fact #3: It was a place where I pushed myself to the limit on a regular basis. Particularly when the words burpee or d-ball slams or box jumps or fight gone bad were on the WOD board. The floor and I had many close conversations, in fact, I probably should have given that floor a name for how many times we spoke. I guess you could say we were pretty close.

Tribute fact #4: It was also the place where I got stronger, and embraced that strength. There's something so powerful about picking up that bar and improving every day. I love that I am strong, and I gained both physical and mental strength at our old location. Within those old walls, I learned to accept where I was at and more importantly, to put in the work to get better.

Tribute fact #5: I laughed. Oh, did I ever laugh. The old gym holds some of my favorite funnies: impromptu WOD dance parties, inappropriate OLY lifting jokes, and everything in between. Most importantly? The old gym held a whole lot of community, and numerous good times. 

Yes, our old location was a wonderful place. It held countless firsts for me. On my last visit at our old gym, I walked up to the very same bar I got my first pull-up on, jumped up onto it, and did some pull-ups. That was my quiet goodbye to a place that changed my life so radically in such a short time.

So, goodbye old location. You were the beginning for me. :)

The great news? Of all the things that changed in our move, community remains. Really, absolutely nothing has changed, except that we now have this HUGE and INCREDIBLE new space. We are still tight-knit, and we will make new, even more fabulous memories and accomplishments in our new location. This location is the future. All of the members of Synergy are so beyond lucky to have our new location. Every subsection has its space, and the place is worthy of whistling at. I had to peel my jaw up off the floor this morning as I walked in for the first time. It felt suspiciously like Christmas morning.

This year has been somewhat of a hard one for me as far as my commitment to the gym has gone. With internship keeping me overwhelmingly busy, I didn't make it out as much as I badly wanted to. Seeing the new gym for the first time today, I got even more excited for my future with internship behind me. I can't wait to commit myself fully once again.  I'm very much looking forward to January in this new building, and creating some new memories. This new location inspires me, I can only imagine what these four walls will see in the years to come.

Here's to new memories, higher heights, and the sweetest of goodbyes.


Kimmy G

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