Thursday, April 3, 2014

3 Years of CrossFit... Throwback Thursday

Today is a miracle; three years ago I would have looked at what I have today and tears would have run down my face. I would have been elated. I would not have been able to contain my joy and absolute awe over all the incredible things I am experiencing right in this moment.

Today, I celebrate the three year anniversary of the day I decided to take ownership of my health and my life. I celebrate the beauty in strength and the accomplishment of knowing my life will be fuller because of the daily decisions I have made over the last three years. I have made choices with my future in mind and have fallen in love with the confidence and victory these choices have afforded me.

Over the last three years, I have learned a few things. One of the most pivotal? Perfection is not a reality. I have come to peace with the fact I will never truly “arrive.” I will simply continue to set goals and keep pushing. There will be ups and downs, but there is no finish line. To set a finish line would allow for complacency; I refuse to live life for a fleeting once-and-for-all measure of success that I may or may not reach. I choose to live life for the awesome ride and the many successes I will celebrate as I continue to grow.

In this moment, as I sit writing this blog entry, I can feel the physical strength my body has gained. I notice my sense of self and realize the strength of mind I have gained. I think about how I joined Crossfit in April of 2011 only planning to attend until the end of summer. Yet somehow, three years later, I am still drinking the “Kool-Aid” at Synergy Strength. I would not want it any other way.

My most sincere thank you to Chad and Ian for opening and maintaining the gym that has given me so much life. I could write about it for years and it would still never quite express my gratitude.

To all of the trainers: thank you for your continued support and guidance. I may be a three year veteran now, but you still take the time to coach, guide, and push me to accomplish my best. I appreciate each of you immensely.
To all of my friends at the gym: I look forward to seeing your faces each day. Thanks for being such an incredible community of support.

With love,

Kimmy G